Black Eye Pea Curry

When I cook I use recipes as a guideline. I take the inspiration provided and make it my own. Just one ingredient can transform a dish. I made black eye pea curry today. It was good, then thought of adding tamarind sauce and wow! Nice tang on the palate! Too often we stop before taking that additional step that would lead us to transforming experiences. Maybe we should all try going beyond the usual more often. Anyway abbreviated bean recipe follows:

Soak a cup of beans, and then pressure cook until melting soft. In a pan heat oil and then add mustard and curry leaves. Add jeera/cumin seed and cook. Add a little fenugeek, but don’t cook long. Add onion and fry, together with black pepper, chili powder, turmeric. Then add tomato and garlic and cook. Add pressure cooked beans and mix. The dish is done. Can be had as is or add the tamarind for that tang!


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