The Comunity of Tai Chi

I’ve been doing Tai Chi – Yang style – since June and have been told that I should stick with it for at least a year before I decide whether or not it is for me. There is a set of 128 moves that one does continuously when doing Tai Chi. I am somewhere in the 30s range and can do about the first 20 or so at home before I start forgetting what the next move should be. It is a great feeling when something flows and one feels the body relaxed or relaxing. I recommend Tai Chi as a great altermative to sitting meditation for those who find it difficult to “sit and empty ones mind”…Tai Chi also has many health benefits that people talk about, and I just read this article in the NY Times on how it eases fibromylagia at
I was attracted to the Tai Chi mindful practice of moving meditation because the foundation of this practice is based on community. I also like that it is a volunteer run organization and that monies from lesson fees and fund raising go to charities and fixed expenses like studio space and not for instructors or staff.
Tai Chi is also way of living, and I enjoy it as the people really make an effort to get to know each other and in this hectic fast paced world it is a refreshing change to be able to put on the brakes.
I know not much about has been said about Tai Chi so you can learn more about it at


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