Hearing Protection – Ear Plugs when dancing

I enjoy the entire range of musical range from very loud to whisper quiet with volume being used for emotional expression. On the other hand most clubs and dances have their volume dials cranked to the max and stuck there! Mama was right -turn down those dials. Or the next best thing – ear plugs.

I am one of the few people who wear ear plugs consistently when dancing. It is one of those things that I just do not understand. I guess it is one of those “uncool” things or perhaps people are turned off by the cheap foam ear plugs that one can buy at pharmacies and home improvement stores – 50 for $5.00! If you know why you or your friends don’t wear ear plugs please let me know. I am interested in finding out. You can read about why hearing protection is important here and below is how I came to wear the ear plugs that I wear today.

After I started dancing and going out on a regular basis I discovered a change in my perception of my surroundings after a dance, followed by an achy head and even a slight ringing the next day. I immediately went and got foam ear plugs. They worked, like stuffing toilet paper in your ears, BUT the music was muffled. It was distorted! Then I started researching other options. There were the expensive $150-200 custom ear plugs that musicians wear, but way too pricey for my budget and for the average dancer who does not even consider ear protection. Then I found a good compromise – $10-15 high fidelity ear plugs that reduce music volume across the entire spectrum, while not breaking the bank. These are reusable. After every dance night I clean them with warm water and they are good as new for the next evening. I must warn you that some people notice the ends sticking out, but for the price and saving your ears they are worth every penny.


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