Born to dance – why we really don’t have two left feet

Today while browsing the internet I found out researchers have determined that we may have born to dance. An article at Science Daily reports that in a study of babies ranging from 5 months to two years it was discovered that the young ones have a “predisposition to move rhythmically in response to music.” The babies are simply following the beat, not the melody or some other component of the music, but it does make a valid point. We all have the innate ability to move to the music, to follow the beat. You may think you have and always will two left feet, but you can learn to follow the beat.

So what is the difference between a baby and us? A baby does not have the cultural and societal trappings that can encumber us. He/she approaches the music with an open mind and moves instinctually, intuitively. This is why I suggest to people who want to learn to dance to play the music in the background while doing your everyday tasks:driving, cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, homework… Let the mind absorb the rhythms of the music at its own pace, and the body will in its own time start moving to it. Eventually when it comes to actual partner dancing trust in your mind and body and you will be able to move to the beat. And it works. Take it from someone who followed and still follows his own advice.

As a dance newbie I couldn’t find the right beat to start moving, and had problems keeping the beat. And even today when I have lapses where I just can’t seem to move right to a song I do the following: I take a deep breath, stop thinking, and let my body respond to the music.


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