The locavarian foodie

A locavarian is one who supports the idea of living local: buying locally grown produce and other local products; frequenting mom and pop shops/stores and restaurants so that the money spent has a greater probability of circulating in the local area. In trying to live a more fulfilling healthier life I’ve discovered that being a food locavarian makes sense. Who wouldn’t be attracted to the fragrance of freshly ground flour, or vibrant flavorful veggies/fruit freshly picked that morning? However, with a premium usually placed on local and organic products often it is cheaper to buy from a supermarket chain, or even fill oneself with a burger at McDonalds. Yet, it always isn’t so. Bulk items such as rice, beans and flour, vegetables/fruit in season are comparable or in some cases even cheaper. And when prepackaged items go on sale the organic product may be even cheaper than what you can get at your typical chain supermarket.

Take the case of wheat bread, comparing loaves of equivalent cost.

Wheat bread made at home: freshly ground organic wheat flour and wheat gluten, oil, sugar, water, salt, yeast

Typical store bread: enriched wheat flour (unbleached flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, floic acid, riboflavin), water,sugar. Plus contains 2% or less of soybean oil, yeast, wheat gluten emulsifiers(DATEM, soy lecithin,DATEM…), corn grits….

It is a no-brainer. Who wishes to put the crap of the store bought bread in their bodies when there is a viable alternative?

Take the time to compare prices and you may be surprised. Moving to becoming a locovarian may be easier than you think with the additional benefits of being healthier and feeling good supporting the local economy.


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