Keeping the flow in casino

A lot of people learn rueda and then get stuck converting it to couple dancing in a way that makes it flow. Going back to the same starting point after each move is limiting and can break up a dance. It is only when one begins to treat move combinations as made up of components that can be mixed together that flow can happen. Take the move balsero for example, which consists of [3] 8 counts. At the end of the first 8 count one can then do besito [4] 8 count combination. At the end of the 3d 8 count one is in a perfect position to do an exibe [1] 8 count next, and then one could do abanico starting from the 2nd 8 count of that move combination. I could go on for quite a bit more, but I hope that you see the pattern. And it is something that every rueda/casino dancer should learn in order to improve their dancing.

As you dance and with time you start to see patterns. Some that I have seen as well as ideas how to explore this “flow” concept:

1.Any veil where L Rh veils F at end of 8 count => next abanico starting from 2nd 8 count

2. Exhibe – dedo guarapo y bota can always be done

3. Any combinations with 2 handed R-R L-L enchufe-veil in an 8 count => next exhibe – abanico/sombreo doble/sombreo complicado/sombreo recomplicado/juana la cubana These are montana, montana bella, besito – do after penultimate 8 count

3. exhibe with L Lh-F Rh => exhibe for first half of the eight count and then transitioning into any setenta for the second half of the eight count, ending at setenta position (end of the 2nd 8 count). These are kentucky after 2nd 8 count, setenta abajo after 2nd 8 count, setenta cubano after 3rd 8 count

4. Think about possibilities using the other hand/or not switching hands. e.g. at end of 2nd 8 count of kentucky one can switch hands to do enchufe doble next. One can also do enchufe doble with a L Rh – F Rh handhold for a different feel

5. Anytime L Lh – F Rh at end of eight count- think of moves starting that way which might work: adios/enchufe, evelyn

6. Anytime L Rh – F Rh at end of eight count – think of which move combinations that start that way would work: dedo family, hecho

Move combinations:

balsero-besito-exhibe-juana la cubana-abanico-ponle sabor


juana la cubana-exhibe

setenta abajo-exhibe

dedo-enchufe doble-exhibe-dedo guarapo y bota

habana = candado-setenta

sombrero doble-exhibe


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