Religious Freedom!

January 16th is Religious Freedom Day in the States. On that day I wrote a little something in honor of it, and only just realized that it never got on here. So here goes sharing it a little late…

The bogey E man?

Watch out!

Here the bogey E man comes

In broad daylight!

“Hey”, he says!

“I want what’s best.

Just do this and this and that

Then you will be in and not out

You’ll belong –

Be part of the Bounded set.

You cheer the Red Sox – me the New York Mets

Belonging to groups we all

are inside looking out, Or

outside looking in.

Join my inside track.”

Then, tell Mr Bogey E Man

“No, let’s break the bonds – the barriers of Bonded Sets

Then we all are part of the Centered set.

It doesn’t matter if it is the Red Sox, Orioles or New York Mets

All teams strive to reach the center, be the champs

There is no IN or OUT

Some are closer, some further

It may take some longer

But, everyone is moving along the way.”

So, one and all let’s try and be open in our life’s journey. We ALL are members of the centered set.


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