Choosing a song to demo casino rueda

So what goes into a song choice:

1. Does it appeal to dancers/choreographer/audience?

2. What are the dynamics of song like and what are we looking for?

– tempo variations and average tempo?

– rhythms played – salsa/reggaeton/merengue/son montuno, guajira, charanga, timba….

– breaks in the song, what is the intro like, the ending

– are there natural places in the song where we can change orientation and/or types of moves being done

– does the song match the level of the dancers – eg Agua by the group Los Van Van is a high energy fast paced song without much variation in tempo. It requires people who can match that energy, and not everyone can do so.

3. Are the lyrics relevant?

I spent a lot of time on this recently and finally tonight our group – Ithakeros – danced to several song suggestions and chose Los Compeones de la Salsa by Willy Chirino.


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