Rueda combinations that work

One can call a lot of moves in rueda but there are certain combinations that work well. When talking of working well I mean in terms of the feeling that people get when doing the sequence of moves. They fit together. This only comes through trial or error, or from getting these from someone else. Blending moves is one way this can be achieved (see my post on January 9 on keeping the flow in casino) , or calling a complicated combination such as bebe. However, this does not need to be the case as a good caller can use simple moves sequenced together in the right combination can achieve the same effect.

Combos that work well when called:

1. adios – dame arriba, another almost as good variation is enchufe arriba-dame

2. hecho/hecho des hecho /dedo /evelyn – puente or por atras/paseala – vacilala/vacilala dame una/ siete con coca cola / siete moderno

3. treinti treis – ocho – para adelante, from guapea one can call cero and then start combo after that

4.cadaneta – cubanito (is a blended combo)

5.enchufe y no llegas – abajo – exhibela – dile que no/dame


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