Making An Impact Using my Creativity

I’ve always wanted to make an impact in rueda de casino in my area, always wanted to express my creativity and at long last I find that it is coming to be. I can see rueda de casino eventually becoming what I wish it to be. Teaching on Tuesday, working with my very own rueda de casino group…it’s frustrating, but also wonderful for me. So far, I’ve introduced vacilala ocho to Binghamton and Ithaca, and taking it one step further vacilala as a common entry point into al centro. Now I working on people getting familiar with use of suffixes such as no llegas, por atras, and exhibela to make moves more flexible, and will be introducing new ones….but the next step is easy blending such as Ketucky-Setenta and Abanico-Ponle Sabor. I can’t wait!


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