Ritmo Seis and Lovin’ Cup – A Rochester Latin Night

I recently drove to Rochester,NY to check out a dance venue and a band. Lovin’ Cup bistro is a really nice place to get something to eat and drink, but the dance floor reminded me of New York City. The floor is sticky, but I had with me my trusty talc/baby powder and that did the trick.

Ritmo Seis is an ok band. They played quite a few cha cha chas, which I liked, but their playing does not compare to Grupo Son Boricua of Syracuse, or El Rumbon of Ithaca, both of NY as well. However, Ritmo Seis has the sound needed for a Latin dance, so I passed on word to Oasis Dance Club that they were worth considering adding to the mix of Latin bands.

Speaking of adding bands I haven’t talked about my Syracuse adventures of last week, so that will be my next post, coming up…pronto.


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