Timbaton – Tras La Tormenta – After the Storm

Tras La Tormenta, meaning after the storm, by Arnaldo Y Su Talisman is one of my current top songs.  It is a timbaton song. Timbaton = timba + reggaeton

All too often people will find out about a genre and then sort of get stuck on a particular sound.  I, on the other hand, like to keep the sound that makes the genre what it is, but at the same time sample the spectrum that it covers.  In the case of timbaton I have provided some of the songs that I like below to try and give you a flavor of what timbaton covers:

Timbalive – Zorra, El Dinero

Paulito FG – Te Bote from Un Poquite De To album

Maraca – Castigala – more of a timba/reggaeton/rap fusion

Dayron Y El Boom – Chocolo from Mi Tumbao CD – has the timbaton feel, not strictly timbaton?

Alain Daniel – La Miki

Arnaldo Y Su Talisman – Tras La Tormenta – a bachata like syn? – a timba/bachata/reggaeton song

Note that I have not tried to provide a sampling of bands per se, but rather a sampling of the sound spectrum of timbaton via songs that I like.  I welcome suggestions if anyone feels that they can see a gap, or gaps, in my timbaton sampling spectrum.   


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