Apps to Teach/Learn Dance

Dance coming to you on the go! Want to learn but no time for dance lessons with an instructor? Increasing interest in dance and technology has brought a plethora of downloadable apps for your android and apple mobile devices.  These apps are a great first start to get you moving on the dance floor.

Peter Fige offers a salsa festival everywhere with free apps.  There also is Pocket Salsa from ($4,Apple and $3,Android), LDF Hot Salsa from Latin Dance Factory ($2-3 ea, Apple), free Ballroom Dancing Basics (Apple) or free Ballroom Dancing Basics Lite (Android) from Kevin Andrews,  DanceTime Deluxe by Wimbledon Sound ($5, Apple), free Dance Line (Android), Salsa Lessons Free by Active Guru (Android)…

For your android device one quick way to find apps is go to google play and search for dance apps.  For each app you will find reviews that provide useful feedback so you can check out what others think, an overview that describes the app, a permissions tab that tells you what the app accesses/connects to, as well as a what’s new that informs what updates/fixes have been made. For apple you can check out their app store.

Enjoy, and remember that there is no substitute for live instruction!


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