Broccoli Raab

This week my CSA introduced me to raab.  Broccoli Raab, also known as rapini and broccoletti, is a common veggie in China and Italy.  Its’ many spiked green leaves surround clusters of green buds that resemble small broccoli heads – though no heads ever actually form.  Ironically, raab is not related to broccoli, but shares a relationship with turnips – probably the reason the leaves reminds me of turnip greens.  Nutritionally raab is a good source of vitamins A, C, K, and more.

Munching on broccoli raab raw I get the combination of nutty broccoli (particularly from the clustering buds) and then then pungent/bitter of mustard greens.  (Note, any blooming yellow flowers found among the buds are just as good to eat.)  The mustard is more of an after-taste.  Try it for yourself and see.  Doing a little google searching I see that it is typically used as a cooking green such as at Marquita Farm, but I often will also just snack on them raw.  That is just the way I roll.


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