The Inn Complete Dance?

Unlike it’s name the Inn Complete monthly dance really makes things complete.  Could it be the dance floor? Sure, it is nice to dance on, which isn’t typical, but there are many surfaces my feet like moving on.  Could it be the music selection?  Well, the emphasis on swing which is not my forte, makes a lie of that.  Unless, I am a closet swing lover…  The people, the folks, the dancers, the food, the atmosphere?  There really is nothing that stands out, and the combination of factors mentioned has been quite different each time I have gone. Some times a place just has that indescribable “je ne sais quoi”, that one should accept for what it is.  And so, I add the Inn Complete to my regular dance schedule, on my google calendar listed from the 2nd Sat of Dec straight through to May.

Ever had an experience where you keep on coming back and when asked you can only say, “je ne sais quois”?


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