Thanksgiving – Some Musings on Prayer and Giving Thanks

Yup, it is Thanksgiving.  A day when we give thanks and are filled with gratitude.   It marks a year of wonderful things, as well as the not-so-easy things, that have guided me to this exciting point in my life.  Here I am spending 4/5 days with wonderful relations. This reminds me of Meister Eckhart – German theologian, philosopher, and mystic – saying, “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.”

How many of us have reminded little ones, “What do you say?”, when they have someone to thank or something to be thankful for? Sounds simple, right, but as we become adults  even just saying “thanks”, conveying your gratitude, can be fraught with difficulties.  Then I am reminded about what I read in the “Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions”.  A fifth-grade student blurts out to her teacher, “Sometimes my heart’s words become a song to God.  That’s called prayer.”

Prayer is simple if we do not let our human insecurities get in the way of just doing it.  Let prayer be what it will be: the lyrics of our heart, or just those two magical words – thank you.


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