Fondue Nite – What A Delight!

Traditionally fondue was a Swiss, Italian and French dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot and eaten by dipping long forks with bread into cheese.  Fondue has come a long way from those simple origins, and now one can dip all sorts of items into different hot liquids to make fondue of your delight.  One can dip fruit, meat, veggies…and have melted chocolate… Let your fancies take flight!

There are all sorts of pots that one can buy to make fondue, but one that I like for it’s simplicity and ease of use is the Cuisinart CFO-3SS electric fondue maker.  It comes with eight forks as well as a recipe book.  Just enjoyed fondue nite with my Maryland family and the Cuisinart with recipes pulled from the web.  We started with a sharp cheddar sauce which had bacon bits and beer as additional ingredients.  Carrots, broccoli and bread were what we dipped into the cheese sauce.  That was followed with a simpler gouda cheese sauce that used wine.  It was cheesier but had a simpler flavor profile perfect for dipping bread.  We all agreed broccoli went better with the more complex flavors of the first.  Lastly we had melted chocolate, with half and half and liquor added.  Strawberries and bread both went well.  Best of all was shared time together, part of our extended Thanksgiving fest.

One tip.  Getting the right consistency can be tricky.  Adjusting the heating setting sometimes can make the difference, as well as letting it heat for a little longer to thicken, or adding additional liquid.  And it make all the difference.  Our chocolate fondue wasn’t thick enough at the start so it didn’t provide a satisfying coating to what we dipped, but once it thickened we all enjoyed it and kept on going back for more.


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