A Christmas Plate

Growing up our families used to exchange plates of homemade sweets.  This x’mas tradition has now morphed into stocking stuffers.  Everyone who is visiting for Christmas makes some sort of sweet to put in stockings.  The more people the greater the variety of treats to sample.  I like this as it helps change the focus of the holidays from “gifts” to “sharing food”.  And who doesn’t like to eat?Christmas Stocking StuffersStarting with the sweet in the silver cups and going clockwise we have coconut sweet, plain milk toffee (crumbly), nankatais, strawberry milk toffee (soft), bolinhas, and honey dark chocolate milk toffee (very chewy).  Toffee is made with sweetened condensed milk and I posted a recipe last year.  Bolinhas are made with coconut and semolina; nankatais with flour, sugar and ghee;  and coconut sweet with coconut and sugar.  These recipes are carefully guarded family secrets so I would be killed if I told you.  However, I wouldn’t want to just leave you salivating, and so you can start by checking out goanfoodrecipes.com.      


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