The Skylark Diner and Swing

I enjoy combining my love for food and dance, and what better place to celebrate swing, dance Americana then by eating at the place synonymous with American comfort food, the local diner.  I stopped by the Skylark in Endicott, and enjoyed my meal.  I had the Skylark Burger and fries, pic of which is being used as the featured photo in this post’s header, and is shown down below.  The food was good, without the grease that one sometimes associates with diners, and the portion size too.  The fries were a golden yellow brown and crisp, and the burger was well done just the way I liked it.  I perused the menu and all the prices were similarly reasonable.  Be sure to check this out if you are in the area and looking for decent food at reasonable prices served by friendly folk.

One caveat…I believe you can only pay with cash, so make sure to have some money in that wallet of yours if you stop by.

The Skylark Burger and Fries.

The Skylark Burger and Fries.

The weekly Tuesday swing hop at Rexer’s Karate Academy is just a few minutes away, but I would recommend coming to eat after swing, and not before.


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