Hope for the Flowers and An Orchestra!

A caterpillar, Stripe, is born hungry, and starts eating.  He eats one leaf and then the next and the next.  He enjoys it.  As he grows he starts to feel dissatisfied with his situation and thinks there must be more to life than just eating and sleeping.  So he decides to venture out and explore the big wild world.

Stripe finds many delectable and interesting eats but it is not enough, and he continues searching for more.  Then one day he sees caterpillars on the march.  And not just one or two, but hundreds upon hundreds!  He looks and sees them heading to a column that pierces through the clouds and climbing up and up and up.  He asks his mates what they are doing, but they are too busy with the task at hand and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.  Anyway, Stripe decides that if so many are doing it this must be something grand and wonderful, and joins along.  So with a renewed sense of purpose he rushes, reaches the column and jumps into the scramble to the top.  Stripe pushes, shoves,climbs on top of other caterpillars, whatever it takes, all for the purpose of just reaching the top.

Along the mad dash to the top Stripe meets that special someone.  He notices and meets another caterpillar, Yellow.  The chemistry is there and now the trip to the top isn’t so important longer.  Both Stripe and Yellow decide to clamber back down and are happy with the company of the other, in addition to eating and sleeping and doing all the other things that caterpillars do.

Unfortunately, Stripe gets the itch once again.  He cannot get that column from his mind and that so many of his compatriots are on this journey/goal, and he isn’t. He asks Yellow to come along with him and she says no as she cannot believe that is their destiny.  He leaves.

Yellow is distraught, and eventually not knowing what to do she wanders away from all that is familiar.  It is there on her travel through the unfamiliar she notices this elderly gray caterpillar all tangled up and hurries over and offers assistance.  The stranger declines saying that he is living his life purpose.  He says, I am creating a cocoon around myself.  I am doing this to become the hope for the flowers.  I will become a butterfly and then carry the seeds of love from one flower to another.  Upon hearing this Yellow asks how to start, and the elderly gentleman says you must want it so much that you must die to everything else and then you will fly.

The climax of the kid illustrated story, “Hope for Flowers”  by Trina Paulus.

There is a lot more to the story, but the message has already been told.  A story about caterpillars that is more than just caterpillars, a purpose of life that is larger then just living.  It is like an orchestra where each musician plays music, but together the orchestra is a lot more then the sum of the parts and accomplishes something wondrous and grand.  We are all part of something larger then ourselves.  That maybe the God of the Christians, or the Catholics like myself.  It maybe Allah of the Muslims, Yahweh of the Jews, karma, Tao, Mother Nature….  Whatever “it” is “it” shapes and colors our lives in a miraculous way, without which our lives are like the grays of a black and white world.

What is your life guide?


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