It is not just about counting calories

In the great modern game of not being overweight and losing the pounds “health” plays second fiddle.  Growing up most of us quickly learn that “what you put in is what you get out” and “you are what you eat”.  This reduces to the calorie count game: we spend more calories then we consume to lose weight.  Yet, nothing in life is that simple.

It helps if we just don’t talk about calories, but see what they look like, and what they contain/do.  Watch this 3 min video clip by asap science and share.

You know, sometimes I think it may be best to go back to the good ‘ole days. The thought crossed my mind when I saw this facebook post sharing a 1917 US Food Administration poster advising people what to eat.


2 thoughts on “It is not just about counting calories

  1. There are other ways we can illustrate the wrong ways we think about weight. I just read an article that has some great pictures of the same people at various fitness levels and weights. Check it out @ fitocracy. If you have the time the article is worth reading as well.

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