The Dancing Introvert

The other day I mentioned I am a dancing introvert and my friend replied, “That is an oxymoron if there ever was one.”  The idea of putting the action of dance side by side with what is often mischaracterized as the solitary/quiet/still introvert just didn’t seem to work.

“Another thing that I’ve learned is that although I need time alone, not all interactions affect my energy in the same way. While many social interactions leave me feeling depleted, there are some that have the opposite effect.”

Taken from

This is dance for me. The more I dance the more energized I feel. Many of my other energy recharging activities are what most would consider typical of an introvert, such as contemplative walking outdoors, but this is the exception.  I often define myself as a Goan Catholic dancer.  Dance is fundamental to my being, and without dance there is no me.

Beware of the superficiality and flawed nature of “the label” when attached to the unique human being.

And speaking of labels it is interesting to look back at the results of what I have posted so far on this blog. I have 60 posts tagged “dance”, followed by 50 tagged “inquiring mind”, and then 25 recipe posts.  Do not read too much into that. The only correct conclusion to draw is that dance and thinking/reflecting are two things important to me.

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