When the Music Happens

Show up, pay attention.
The music happens.

Wyane Dyer in the movie  “The Shift”

It is important to do a vision board or visualize our dream job.  We should do a practice that brings a more tangible awareness to our desires.  (The nature of our desires and their discernment is a whole another topic, but in short for me it is through my God centered focus.)  Then comes the actualization…

(1) We “show up” by continuing to be in the world.  We do not just quit the job we do not like and stay at home imaging our dream job.  We continue working, BUT

(2) We “pay attention” to what is happening around us.  Through being mindful, observant to life we see opportunities.  We are open to possibilities that will connect us to our path, to the job that is for us.

(3)  Then “the music happens”

Let’s take the example of finding a life partner.  We do the work of dating people, and by paying attention we learn from our mistakes and eventually find the one.  Simply visualizing the desired life partner and not doing anything else, is not going to give that to us.


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