Bring the Sauce – Traigo la Salsa by Miguel La Formula

Enjoy music by groups such as Los Van Van and Michael Blanco? Take a gander and listen to Traigo La Salsa

DJ Virgilio for your Latin Music Events

I just had my second dj gig at the Oasis dance club in Ithaca, NY this month and it went well. What I like about it? I play a lot of music that is not typically played at Latin dances and I still have people on the dance floor. My emphasis is Cuban, though I try to play music that expresses the breadth and depth of the Latin music world. Come to a night that I play and then go to another Latin dance. I guarantee you won’t hear at least 60% of my music at any other event. It is very safe to play music that you know people like and is popular, but the inner rebel in me keeps on coming out, continually pushing the envelope… And it has worked so far.


So, this past Tuesday, the 10th, I dj’d in an official capacity at the Oasis dance club. It was a lot of fun playing more of the music that I liked, and also adjusting what I played according to the crowd. I’m now busy selecting songs for my next gig – again at the Oasis – on the 23rd. It’s easy to play songs that one knows people will like, but not as easy to choose music that one likes – is new to the crowd – and blend it in with a few not-played-as-often favorites. But, I refuse to cop out and the take the easy option. I want people to be exposed to the Latin music universe, and not the typical small corner that they do with what others play.