Lemon Cucumber and Cherry Tomato

We start with the lemon cucumber, that golden ball of sweet goodness – round like a lemon – but no tartness or even the bitterness that some other varieties have.  Perfect raw!  A sweet curiosity and not much more as the nutritional value is low…

Some of the freshly picked veggies from my CSA. Perfect for snacking on.

Some of the freshly picked veggies from my CSA. Perfect for snacking on.

Next we move on to the cherry tomato, getting to the meat of this post. Switching things up I avoid the sweet – red in color – picking the tart orange and yellow cousins instead.  Freshly picked is always the best -refrigeration makes tomatoes lose flavor – so I have my daily pit-stop into work at the u-pick fields of the Full Plate CSA*.  My morning-pick-me upper! Pop a cherry and mouth is merry!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself and made it rhyme.

Want to get your five servings of veggies every day?  Just 7 cherry tomaotoes count as 1 serving.  Tomatoes are low in fat, high in fiber and cancer fighting lycopenes. And the tang of the orange/yellow cherry is a perfect substitute for those crisps your hands reach for when hunger pangs hit. I also found a detailed nutritional profile of the tomato if you are interested in finding out more.

Note: A little background on CSA mentioned in my post. The Full Plate Farm Collective is my CSA .  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it is an arrangement where people/community agree to support a farm/s and the farm/s agree to supply the community.  This works out well as it gives a farm the financial support it typically needs upfront to get the harvest, and the consumers/community can get food at a price less than they would pay at a typical grocery store.  While some CSAs get upfront monetary payment, others support other options such as monthly payment plans, or reduced/no monetary payment in exchange for labor.  And there are many CSA types: fruit, veggies, freshly prepared meals, bread (which you can find out about on the Full Plate website)… with more being thought up every day! The CSA model being applied to other local businesses than just the farm, as part of the flourishing cooperative movement.  Indeed it is a great way to support -and be part of – the local sustainable economy!