Women Breaking Sterotype Barriers in the Cuban Music Scene

The 1930s were an interesting time in Cuba.  The political situation was a turbulent one and in the music scene it was still believed that women couldn’t play son.  Out of that froth, that formenting broth, came two women centered bands/orchestras.

The first, an all women orchestra, is Anacoana, started by Cuchito Castro in 1932.  When forced to abandon her studies and her plan to start a dental practice Cuchito chose to start a  female septet to challenge the male-dominated son music.  Eventually all 11 sisters joined the group and Anacoana has KE gone on to successfully challenge the stereotypic view that women couldn’t play son. Versatile as they play reggaeton, timba, salsa… And easy on the eyes as well. What more can a dancer want from live music?

And for the ladies here’s a song especially for you – La Mujer Tiene Control.  Two other songs by Anacoana that I like are Llore Si Te Duele (timbaton), and Cuento Na Ma.
The second band I would like to share is a La Caro Band, fronted by 4 sisters who hail from Jovenallos. ‘Mention Jovellanos to a Cuban and frequently their eyes will go wide for it has a strong reputation as a great center of Congo culture and brujeria.’

La Caro Band is composed of other family members, in addition to the sisters. It trully is a family affair, and their music, composed by Blas, speaks of everyday life in Cuba.  heir performances are action packed. A must-see!  During some live performances the women singers have switched with the male instrumentalists, playing instruments while the men sang, showcasing their versatility.
Vale La Pena  is one song by La Caro Band that I like.  There are many others you can find by searching youtube.
Hope you enjoyed this brief dip into the Cuban music scene.
Until next time, Ciao.