Progress on the Cuban enchufla in rueda

And so today was the weekly pre-performance rueda class composed of people interested in joining the Ithakeros rueda de casino performance group, and again we made great progress. It is exciting for me to figure out how to translate something that comes naturally, break it down and then see other people getting it.

Today I took the leaders and Nan (Nancy A.) took the followers and we worked on using the “Cuban enchufla” for the first half of the basic in al centro position. Then we came together and applied it using con las manos: first holding hands and me calling dame with basics in between, and then con las manos proper. Finally, this was applied to dame while doing rueda.

Next step? Do it with the Ithakeros performance group during our practice tomorrow – Monday night.

Ithakeros Rueda de Casino Group update

Dance Movement – The group is now working on Cuban stepping – enchufla, dame/DQN, abajo with enchufla step…). It is an exciting time for me! I now can see people getting what I’ve been talking about from the time I started this group and how we will be different from others in the area.

Group Membership – There is a strong possibility of some new members joining the demo/performance group. These are people coming from the performance orientated beginner class that Nancy (co-directer/co-founder and I started a little while back) Growth is always great.

Publicity: We have a website, flyers, business cards…

Choosing a song to demo casino rueda

So what goes into a song choice:

1. Does it appeal to dancers/choreographer/audience?

2. What are the dynamics of song like and what are we looking for?

– tempo variations and average tempo?

– rhythms played – salsa/reggaeton/merengue/son montuno, guajira, charanga, timba….

– breaks in the song, what is the intro like, the ending

– are there natural places in the song where we can change orientation and/or types of moves being done

– does the song match the level of the dancers – eg Agua by the group Los Van Van is a high energy fast paced song without much variation in tempo. It requires people who can match that energy, and not everyone can do so.

3. Are the lyrics relevant?

I spent a lot of time on this recently and finally tonight our group – Ithakeros – danced to several song suggestions and chose Los Compeones de la Salsa by Willy Chirino.