What is My Reality? What is Yours? The Possible Limitations of Evaluation Tools.

Becoming self aware and using this knowledge helps us to lead fulfilling lives.  We have many tests/tools that evaluate personal characteristics to help with this such as EQ, MBTI and StrengthFinder so you become better at knowing yourself.  Yet, how often is it taken into account what language/culture you are part of.

Let’s look at a real life example, a colleague of mine.  You have grown up in China.  Coming to the US and doing the MBTI test in English and Chinese results in significant differences.  Then the next question is to what extent the latest MBTI test creators – originally designed by English cultural people – understand the Chinese culture and language to create an accurate test?

Becoming more self aware is great and it is nice to have tools that facilitate that. At the same time it is just as important to question the underpinnings of these tools, their possible biases and limitations.

Examples of the role language plays in behavior as well as links to interesting talks and more can be found here on the TED website.

Salsa Mathematics – A New Way To Learn Salsa

Different people need to apply different strategies for the most effective learning. After all no one sees the world the same way you do.

When one starts out learning to dance there is a whole new vocabulary, a new language, to become proficient in.  And for some there also is a need to have things broken down in a way that typically isn’t done in a group class.  So, with the marriage of a mathematical mind with salsa a solution was born.  Stick figures and a new salsa language to help beginners.  Check it out at salsaisgood.com