Peace Within Then Without

On this international day of peace  the greatest gift we have to give is being at peace with ourselves – within.  It is only then we are truly able to work at peace with others – without.  This reminds me of the 5 life lessons by Dr Seuss, that I saw recently, and have re-posted below for your pleasure.  Enjoy!

Life Lessons Learned from Replacing a Bedroom Door Knob

So the door knob of my housemate’s bedroom door froze. It wouldn’t move at all! I own the house and so fixing it is my responsibility. I took the door knob and started fiddling with it….and time past….

Lesson 1 – Don’t attempt to do things when you are tired as it isn’t really effective

Lesson 2 – Having enough rest is important- being rested is a 2012 goal.

Now this knob is a trashy gold color left over from the previous owners of my house! Great, I thought! I’ll just replace the knob with a nice stainless steel one.

Next day off I go to the home improvement store, Home Depot. 8.94 dollars later and 30 minutes later I am back home and proud owner of a nice stainless steel door knob. I put it in and it won’t turn! It just won’t!!! GRRRR!!!!

Lesson 3 – Life has many bumps on the road to your destinations.

So, I removed the new door knob and put it back sequentially, checking at every step. Now I noticed that the knob mechanism was catching as the previous owner had not done a good job punching a hole in the door. A little elbow grease with a tool or two and problem solved. Finally new door knob back in door and working perfectly. Happy housemate and happy home owner.

Lesson 4 – Don’t give up when your life trip gets rough. Have confidence, and apply one self. It will work out.