“If God is a DJ…

If God is a DJ
life is a dance floor
love is the rhythm
you are the music

If God is a DJ
life is a dance floor
you get what your given
it’s all how you use it”


There is a lot that one could say about this, but this once I’ll just let the words speak for themselves.

Pink and Blue? Questioning and exploring common practices.

Boys wearing pink and girls blue?  Why are dolls, girls rooms, dresses – you get the idea -pink, while boys rooms and clothes blue?   Pink and blue as gender specific colors the way we know it is a fairly recent cultural phenomenon. For many years both boys and girls wore white dresses until the age of 5/6  as it was easy to bleach any stains that would not come out easily.  In fact as recently as the 1880s little boys wore white dresses.  Then in the early 1900s people said that pink was for boys as it is a strong color and that dainty blue was for girls. That switched in the postwar boom of the 1940s when manufacturers and stores interpreted what genders should wear i.e blue for boys and pink for girls. In the 1960s/70s women as a rebellion wore gender-neutral colors and dress.  Finally, in the 1980s we are back to both pink for girls and blue for boys.  Read all about it in the following article from the Smithsonian:


Different generations have redefined masculinity and femininity, and so if the current definition doesn’t work for you change it.  Perhaps you are the start of a new re-definition, or maybe you just are different.  Don’t necessarily just stick to convention.

I always question the underlying rationale when considering whether the conventional works.