Simplicity – The Complicated, The Complex, The Simple

‎”Let us live the simplicity of a great love, which is both the simplest and hardest thing on earth, because it demands no more and no less than the gift of oneself.” Pope Benedict XV

The topic of simplicity can be illumed through one of my favorite online source of videos:  I present links to 2 talks below, which help explore the topic of simplicity.

From Complexity to Simplicity

Towards a Science of Simplicity

Now it is one thing to talk about and understand simplicity, but one must understand the source of simplicity to really live it. So what is this “great love”?  I suggest watching the free movie on called, “The Source of the Secret”.  It apparently elaborates further from the movie, “The Secret”.  Watching it yesterday night I knew it was the perfect way to end this brief post.