Millet – Bakri – Ugali – English – Konkani – Swahili – Sharing of Culinary Delight across Traditions

Yesterday night I cooked millet as a rice substitute.  To me it was a new grain, but not for long! When I spoke to my mom in Goa, India she reminded me of bakri as it is called in Konkani!  Instead of plain – which we kids wouldn’t like as much – chili, onions and coriander/cilantro were added to triple the  flavor – give a mouthwatering aroma  –  draw us to the kitchen table.  I had to stop and get a bite as I recollected growing up in Tanzania, East Africa.  Here in Tanzania, I also had ugali, an East African maize flour dish cooked to a dough like consistency. (Very filling and cheap, hence a staple for the poor.)  I was reminded of that – ugali – via facebook, today.

One dish and connections across continents and cultures.  This is something that I have enjoyed in my culinary explorations.  Another example is the base used for curries/gravies.  It is interesting to see the similarities/differences between the Asian and Latin cultures.  But that is a topic for another day…