Everyday Poetry in Motion

Traffic Cop Working:
Stop, Go, Cross Legs, Turn Left Right-
My Life is Dancing

Dancing is not just for the club dance floor, or just to the music of a song.  Check out this dancing cop and then take a turn, taking dance where you work, where you play, everywhere you live today.


Serenity Saturday

‘Tis wonderful to wake to such a weekend morn:

Sun rises over quiet landscape – no cars or people in sight.
Fall in her riotous colors – leaves creating their dappled patterns of light.

Chirps, squeals, peeps?
Life waking up alright!

Happy Saturday!

The Soul’s Appetites

Feeling a bit under the weather tonight (a cold), but thought I would take a break from chores and enjoy some Jazz @ Oasis Dance Club under the lights.

– Hey!
Even a stuffed head doesn’t diminish the soul’s appetites. ;- )

Supported the club walls with my weight, but that wasn’t destined to be my fate. My friends old and new didn’t mind when I warned I had a sniffle or two, and thus enjoyed dances with Laura, Carolyn, and Jamie too.

Having a great night!

Naturescapes a step outside my door!

The shade, the light.
The moon, but not night.
A crystal blue sky.
A perfect 9:50 morning sight.
I get wonderful naturescapes just a step outside my home up on the hill. A lucky lad am I!

This reminds me of Marcel Proust saying, “The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” When we look around with new appreciation, an openness of a child, we enjoy what is already around us. We can be so busy with the minutae of daily living that we miss the natural wonder of the every day.

We had an unusually warm winter, and so above we see spring in February of this year.  Another picturesque setting looking outside my living room window. This faces East.

We can also get caught up trying to capture that perfect moment and so live our lives through the narrow world of a camera lens.  Hiding behind the camera we miss living in the moment, and seeing what is beyond the capture of the lens.

To me it is about finding the right balance. Having focus is good, but one shouldn’t have it to the exclusion of not having anything else.  To balance things out I narrow my focus and leave you with a mushroom from my yard in 2009.  An example of  something simple that many of us see every year.  I like how I have captured the commonplace during an unusually long period of wet days. In the wet gray and coolness of the day I see the bright, the colorful standout.

Spring in Summer?

The creaking of a pedaling bike out-of-tune, the clarity of deep and contrasting colors of a clear cool Spring morn in the depths of Summer – just after some rains -the surprising quiet of the back roads today with the Monday traffic that has fled away, the heavy breath that eventually syncs and calmly pulsates/dances as part of the rhythm of the outdoors…what a wonderful day it ’tis!

Poetic prose attempting to capture the unexpectedly weirdly wonderful weather this Monday morn, a perfect day that seems to capture the unusual of this year.