Wintery Monday…

Wintery Monday…
A dusting of white like frosting on a delicious treat
A new day, a new week, a new belief..
– Snow plow scraping, Revealing stark tarmac –


That snow plow! It disrupted the flow as I walked along the road. ┬áLife sometimes just intrudes, sort of like grace and truth. ┬áMore on that – grace and truth – another time.

The Caterpillar – The Butterfly – Life!

For what the caterpillar sees as the end of its journey,

A butterfly views as time to test its wings,

Flying free…

We crawl, and then transform ourselves so we can fly

Die many little deaths, to be born/start anew…

(In the first three lines similarity can be seen from something I read in “No Perfect People Allowed” by John Burke.)

Nature’s Quirks

On the drive home a little fox ran in front of me across the road
At home a mouse squiggled/squeaked by underneath my toes
As I lay on the grassy slope
Gleaming lines, sparkling blobs = snails here and there
Lots of little things at an odd time of the year
Is it the weather, could it be?
Or…just me?