Timbalive in Syracuse May 5th

Could not get it together on the night of May 5th and Timbalive the band came on, and then I became:

Alive – Inspired – One With All
Joining the band and resonating on their timba frequency
Time Slowed Down and Heart/Soul Beat Clarified
Timbalive truly is like their jingle “Salsa Vitamina” – Medicine for the soul

I always say that the music must speak to you. Playing inspiring new music – live music well – encourages growth and creativity, nurtures the soul. A new standard for live Latin Music has been set in CNY area by Timbalive

Grupo Calle Uno And Me – Maybe?

So, Grupo Calle Uno from Rochester played for the Ithaca Puerto Rican Festival on July 30th. It was early evening and they hadn’t started drinking. The band played well though they just played covers. Next they came to Oasis played all salsa sets and actually played new material! I couldn’t believe my ears and at first thought that the dj had suddenly jumped in and I had lost track of time, but it was the band actually playing new songs!

So if the Grupo Calle Uno does not drink and plays new material I enjoy them. How many times am I going to enjoy these particular circumstances? Going by past history? I think I’ll still pass them if I can help it.

Tales from the Wildfire Lounge

Wednesdays the band Djug Django plays from 6-9pm at the Wildfire Lounge. From 6-7:30 they play, they take a half an hour break, then they play until about 9pm, opening up the last hour to open mike where they accompany anyone who wants to sing. (Not many places where one can get an opportunity like that.) Anyway after 9pm there is dj’d swing music so I was staying on…and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find one of the band members, Mike. He said, “It was great to see you again out there. I always enjoy seeing you dance.” That made my night. I dance for me, and for the person whom I am dancing with, but it is a cherry on the top when the band also gets enjoyment from the people for whom they are playing for.

So back to the dj’d dance. Second song of the night and I asked this old lady to dance. And she seemed reluctant and even when she agreed she said, “Are you sure you want to dance with me? I’m old enough to be your grandmother…” As we talked I found out that she seemed to think that I hadn’t asked her to dance ever since her birthday a couple weeks ago. It had affected her pretty badly. I always make a point of not excluding people, and in fact including everyone my dance card so I was perplexed. I am pretty sure I have asked her almost if not every week. However, from now on I’ve got something to watch out for. It is a small thing to remember, a small courtesy for something that I enjoy anyway. And this cautionary tale serves as a reminder how the smallest action one takes can mean a lot more to someone else, so don’t take care only with the actions that are important to you but with all that you do.