The Soul’s Appetites

Feeling a bit under the weather tonight (a cold), but thought I would take a break from chores and enjoy some Jazz @ Oasis Dance Club under the lights.

– Hey!
Even a stuffed head doesn’t diminish the soul’s appetites. ;- )

Supported the club walls with my weight, but that wasn’t destined to be my fate. My friends old and new didn’t mind when I warned I had a sniffle or two, and thus enjoyed dances with Laura, Carolyn, and Jamie too.

Having a great night!

Dance Trinity

Partner dance is typically a conversation between two people in the musical and movement language of a particular dance style. That’s where it stays for many, just like the everyday conversations that you might have with colleagues and acquaintances throughout your day. However, it can be much much more.
Trust is the key to getting the most of any endeavor, and that applies to dancing. It is only when truly letting go that one can be immersed in the river of musical emotion and motion, whether it be raging rapids or a gentle stream. Here there isn’t necessarily a “specific dance style” but one of soul connection. Two bodies and the music being one together, music and souls transmuted into trinity, three yet one. It is a heavenly feeling and I encourage everyone to work on joining me in enjoying the same.
To start the Trinity trail get ready to move beyond the basics by practicing so that you can do the foundational steps and moves in your sleep. Spend time listening to the music so that you can be musical, such as knowing where the breaks are. Then when you are dancing and a familiar song comes on you can match what you do to the music and your partner. Finally, when these foundational elements can be done without thinking one can let go. This is not the only way to achieve the bliss of the dance trinity, but this is a journey that anyone can follow.